Best Money Blog Posts Roundup for June 9

On Saturdays I share some of the most interesting and best money blog posts of the week from across the blogosphere.

I haven’t read as much over the last week, as I usually do, because I was out of town at a church conference, but here are my picks for this week:

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t written anything new in the last week or so here at Money Wise Pastor, since I was at that conference I mentioned above. I did start a few posts but didn’t get them finished yet.  I will work on completing those in the next week.

I did write an article that was published by Christian PF on 9 Great personal finance iPhone apps.

Today we’re having a birthday party (with friends and cousins) for our oldest daughter, who is turning 10 on Monday.

On Sunday, we’re going to a living history encampment in Grand Haven, Michigan, called The Feast of the Strawberry Moon, which re-creates what life was like 300 years ago in our area (complete with British soldiers, fur traders, Native Americans, French Voyageurs, etc). It’s an annual tradition for our family. What’s different for us this year is that we’re actually going to attend a church service there at the encampment, led by Rev. William, who re-enacts what life was like for pastors back in the day. We’re looking forward to it.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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