2015 Clergy Tax Guide for 2014 Taxes

Clergy taxes just got a little less taxing, thanks to the new 2015 clergy tax guide published by Zondervan. The 2015 Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide is an essential resource for any pastor, church leader, or accountant that has questions about, or needs to file, clergy tax returns. This annual clergy tax guide is written by Dan Busby and John VanDrunen, long-time […] Continue Reading ->

2015 Tax Deadline for 2014 Federal Tax Return

Wondering what the 2015 tax deadline is for filing your 2014 federal tax return? Tax Day 2015 is Wednesday, April 15, 2015. And the deadline for filing a 2015 tax extension is also Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Continue Reading ->

Best Money Blogs from the Yakezie Carnival

I haven’t posted much over the last few months here at Money Wise Pastor because I jumped into an opportunity in May to launch a new campus for our church in a neighboring community. It’s been a ton of work over the summer and it didn’t leave me with much time or energy for financial […] Continue Reading ->

Carnival of Money Pros – The Big Easy Edition

This week I’m glad to host the Carnival of Money Pros live from New Orleans.  I’ve been here since Wednesday for the Christian Community Development Association’s national conference. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, with lots of networking and workshops centered around church-based economic and community development, social enterprise, micro finance, and […] Continue Reading ->

The Estate Tax: America’s Cyprus-like Wealth Confiscation

The government of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus came up with a great idea to bail itself out of impending bankruptcy: It would seize 40% of the money that wealthy people had “safely” deposited in their bank accounts. That type of thing could never happen here in the U.S., right? Continue Reading ->

The 7-Day Financial Makeover

Do Christians handle their money any different than the way non-Christians do? No, according to Eric Hoogstra, the author of The 7-Day Financial Makeover. How sad. Continue Reading ->

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Museum Membership

Spring Break is coming soon, and a lot of families I know are planning to take their kids to the zoo, museum, botanical garden, aquarium, or other similar attraction. Whenever our family goes to one of those places, we’re faced with a decision: Should we pay the one-day admission price, or is it better to buy […] Continue Reading ->

Sequestration: Time for the President and Congress to Quit Playing Games

Nearly 60 days after the last Washington, DC-manufactured crisis called the “Fiscal Cliff,” we’re staring at a deadline to stop another manufactured crisis called “sequestration.” What is sequestration? And what does it really mean for you and me? Continue Reading ->

When You Should Check Your Money Motivation

This week’s “Bible and money” focus is on Luke 10:38-42, where Jesus teaches Mary and Martha and the disciples an important lesson in ministry and money motivation. Continue Reading ->

America’s Youngest Female Billionaire…A Woman After My Own Stomach

Bloomberg recently featured a tasty story on America’s youngest female billionaire. She’s a woman after my own stomach: Lynsi Torres, the 30-yr old owner and president of In-N-Out. Continue Reading ->