Pulpit Freedom Sunday: Should Pastors Talk About Politics?

This Sunday (October 7, 2012) is Pulpit Freedom Sunday – a day that many pastors plan to talk boldly about politics, elections and candidates – and possibly risk losing their IRS tax exemption. Continue Reading ->

File the IRS Extension Form if You Need More Time to do Your Taxes

I hate to admit it, but I’m just now getting around to doing my taxes this week, and should have them completed by Thursday.  If you’re getting a late start like me and don’t think you’ll be able to file your 2011 tax return by the April 17, 2012 deadline, you’ll want to file the […] Continue Reading ->

Last Minute IRS Tax Help for Pastors

Tax Day 2012 is April 17.  If you’ve procrastinated doing your taxes because you’re a pastor needing IRS tax help, I recommend you get the 2012 Zondervan Minister’s Tax Guide. American ministers have trusted the Zondervan Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide to save them time and money. This easy-to-understand workbook will save you time and money by simplifying […] Continue Reading ->

Are Pastors Self-Employed or Church Employees?

A reader named Barbara asks whether her church’s pastor should be considered self-employed or an employee of the church. Continue Reading ->

Still Time for Zondervan Minister’s Tax Guide

Pastors needing IRS tax help still have time to get the 2012 Zondervan Minister’s Tax Guide before 2011 tax returns are due on April 17, 2012. For years, ministers have trusted the Zondervan Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide to save them time and money. This easy-to-understand workbook simplifies the tax code and offers dozens of tips to […] Continue Reading ->

Can a Pastor Claim a Housing Allowance When the House is Paid Off?

Can a pastor still claim a housing allowance exemption when their house is paid off? The answer is yes. In this post I’ll share some strategies you can use, even when your home is paid off, to claim a housing allowance exemption. Continue Reading ->

Clergy Housing Allowance – Which is Better: 15-year vs. 30-year Mortgage, Part 2

Last time, I began to answer a question from a reader named Nancy regarding which type of mortgage is better for the pastor housing allowance – a 15-year mortgage or a 30-year mortgage? Today we’ll do some basic housing allowance calculations to see how a 15-year mortgage would compare with a 30-year mortgage. Continue Reading ->

Clergy Housing Allowance – Which is Better: 15 or 30 Year Mortgage? Part 1

A reader named Nancy asks, “Is it better for a pastor to be on a 15-year mortgage or a 30-year mortgage (tax-wise and benefit-wise)?” Great question, Nancy – thanks for asking!  I hate to say it, but it really depends! I’ll give you the best answer I can (over the next few posts), but I […] Continue Reading ->

IRS Tax Help for Pastors

One of our goals here at Money Wise Pastor is to offer easy-to-understand tax help for pastors, because clergy taxes can be extremely challenging due to special IRS tax issues that apply to American pastors. The IRS Considers Pastors Both Employees and Self-Employed Pastors, ministers, and other members of the clergy are in a unique position […] Continue Reading ->

2012 Church and Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide Now Available from Zondervan

Zondervan has released the 2012 Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide an excellent tax and financial resource for church treasurers, pastors, church planters, and nonprofit executives.  It is a great complement to the 2012 Zondervan Minister’s Tax & Financial Guide, which offers tax and finance help for pastors. Written by Dan Busby and John Van Drunen, the Zondervan 2012 […] Continue Reading ->