Best Money Blogs from the Yakezie Carnival

I haven’t posted much over the last few months here at Money Wise Pastor because I jumped into an opportunity in May to launch a new campus for our church in a neighboring community. It’s been a ton of work over the summer and it didn’t leave me with much time or energy for financial […] Continue Reading ->

Carnival of Money Pros – The Big Easy Edition

This week I’m glad to host the Carnival of Money Pros live from New Orleans.  I’ve been here since Wednesday for the Christian Community Development Association’s national conference. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, with lots of networking and workshops centered around church-based economic and community development, social enterprise, micro finance, and […] Continue Reading ->

America’s Youngest Female Billionaire…A Woman After My Own Stomach

Bloomberg recently featured a tasty story on America’s youngest female billionaire. She’s a woman after my own stomach: Lynsi Torres, the 30-yr old owner and president of In-N-Out. Continue Reading ->

10 Top Money Blogs of the Week

Here are my picks for the top 10 money blogs of the last week, from great personal finance bloggers around the world. Continue Reading ->

15 Best Paying College Majors

Why are some college majors worth a lot more than others? The answer can be found in Economics 101: the law of supply and demand. Continue Reading ->

10 Worst Paying College Majors

On average, people with Bachelor’s degrees earn more than those without a degree, over their lifetimes. But some majors are worth more than others. Here are the 10 worst paying college majors. Continue Reading ->

TurboTax Reviews

I’ve used Turbo Tax for years and think it is one of the best online tax software options out there. I had hoped to write my own Turbo Tax Review this year, but I’ve decided to share some of the best Turbo Tax Review sites with you instead, and let them do the talking. Continue Reading ->

Are Christians Poor Tippers?

Christians have the unfortunate reputation of being poor tippers, according to restaurant workers that I’ve known. Is this reputation justified? And shouldn’t Christians be the best tippers instead of the worst? Continue Reading ->

10 Top Money Blogs of the Week

Each week I like to share articles I’ve found interesting from some of the top money blogs on the web. I also like to recap articles I’ve written here at Money Wise Pastor, along with articles I’ve written for other top money blogs. Continue Reading ->

Best Money Blogs of the Week

On Saturdays, I like to share some of the best money blog posts I’ve read over the past week. This week, I’m writing from Franklin, Tennessee (about 20 minutes south of Nashville), where I’ve been attending Dan Miller’s Coaching with Excellence seminar. Continue Reading ->