6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Museum Membership

Spring Break is coming soon, and a lot of families I know are planning to take their kids to the zoo, museum, botanical garden, aquarium, or other similar attraction. Whenever our family goes to one of those places, we’re faced with a decision: Should we pay the one-day admission price, or is it better to buy […] Continue Reading ->

Paycheck Smaller This Year? Here are 6 Ways to Counter the Loss of Payroll Tax Cut

Millions of Americans found their paychecks smaller thanks to the expiration of the payroll tax cut. Here are ways you can save money to help make-up the loss in your paycheck. Continue Reading ->

Are “Doomsday Preppers” Survivalists Crazy, or Do They Make Some Good Points?

How prepared are you for a nuclear attack, epidemic, financial meltdown, EMP, natural disaster, or terrorist attack? If you’re a “Doomsday Preppers” type of survivalist, you’re more ready than me – and most other Americans – and you’ll probably be called “crazy” for it too. Continue Reading ->

Is There Anything You’re “Crazy” Frugal About?

I think my wife is more frugal than I am. She thinks so too. 🙂 But this week I apparently outdid her on the frugal meter by doing something “crazy” that she had never considered. Continue Reading ->

Making the Most of Our Museum Family Membership

Today we’re making the most of one of our museum family memberships:  The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. I took my third son there earlier this summer to attend the Maker Fair Detroit event that was hosted at The Henry Ford. Continue Reading ->

Look for Your Bonus When You Buy Restaurant Gift Cards for the Holidays

If you’re going to buy restaurant gift cards to give to friends, family members, and associates this Christmas, you might want to buy from restaurants that will give you a nice bonus in return! Continue Reading ->

Save Money on Buying Bags of Ice at McDonald’s

Buying a bag of ice can be an expensive purchase. Especially since it is seen as a convenience item and many gas stations and convenience stores charge a premium for it. But I’ve just discovered a McAwesome place to buy bags of ice at a great price. Continue Reading ->

How Magic Jack Works – 5 Months Later

In April, I mentioned that I’d seen those ads for Magic Jack for quite some time, and always wondered if, and how, Magic Jack works, and if it would really save us big money on our home phone.  There was only way to find out, of course, so we gave it a try. Continue Reading ->

One Way to Save Money and Improve Your Social Life: Get a Roommate

How do you save money without giving up your social life?  That’s the topic of a Yakezie blog swap I’m participating in today with other personal finance bloggers.  For the swap, I was paired up with Erin Shanendoah from The Dog Ate My Wallet. I wrote a guest post that is appearing today on her […] Continue Reading ->

I Won a Free Carnival Cruise!

I am so excited – I can’t believe that I just won a free 8-day, 7-night Caribbean cruise on Carnival Cruise Line. That’s my kind of a free pastor vacation! Continue Reading ->