How an Online Checking Account that Earns Interest Will Save & Make You Money

Is your checking account making you money or costing you money?  If your checking account is at a bank, it is probably costing you $5.00 or more a month in fees, and earns no interest. To save money AND earn interest on your checking account, consider opening a high-yield checking account from an online banking institution like ING Direct.

ING Direct’s Electric Orange checking account is an interest bearing checking account that earns interest no matter what your balance is.  It works like checking but earns like savings!Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!

The Benefits of High-Yield Checking from ING Direct

  • Just like any other bank, your deposits with ING Direct are FDIC insured.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • Your account earns interest regardless of your balance.
  • No fees. Period.
  • You can access your money at 35,000 free ATM locations nationwide.
  • Easy online account access and management.
  • Free online bill pay – you can easily set up one-time or recurring transactions.
  • Free bill pay by mail – for when you have to send a check…and ING Direct even pays for the postage!!

Drawbacks from Opening an Account with ING Direct

While I’ve shared some benefits of opening a checking account with ING Direct, there are a few drawbacks:

  • You won’t be able to catch up on all the local gossip while standing in line at your neighborhood bank while waiting to make a deposit or withdrawal.
  • Your local bank tellers will no longer know how much money you have…or don’t have.

>>>Click to open your ING Direct interest-bearing Electric Orange checking account today!

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  1. Another big perk of ING is that they have an electronic envelop service. Your money comes in and you can divide it between your envelopes so you can better control your budget and spending!

  2. I have been a big supporter of ING and Ally over the years. Though the interest rates use to be much better about 7 years ago, they still payout more than your traditional banks.

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