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Is it Saturday again?  Each week I like to share articles I’ve found interesting from some of the top money blogs on the web.  I also like to recap articles I’ve written here at Money Wise Pastor, along with articles I’ve written for other top personal finance sites.

Before I get into those, here’s what I’m up to this weekend.

We’re mostly staying around the house on Saturday. Though I do need to run to the office for a conference call for a ministry project on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. And we’re making our weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) trip to Costco to stock up on groceries, etc. Though it never seems to last for long with a family of seven.

On Sunday, we’re looking forward to worshiping with our church family and getting together with other families in our life group. We’re reading through The Story, which is a novelized version of the Bible.

Blog Carnivals & Roundups that I Was Featured In

Why We Argue About Money in Front of the Kids was included in the Yakezie Carnival, hosted by Narrow Bridge Finance.

What is Social Entrepreneurship made it into the Carnival of Financial Camraderie, hosted by Financial Conflict Coach.

Brick by Brick Investing included my 15 Best Paying College Majors post in his weekly roundup.

Top Money Blogs I Was Wrote For

Six Free Ways to do Your Taxes on a Smartphone or Tablet? was published by ChristianPF.

Do People with College Degrees Make More Money? was published by The Christian Dollar.

Top 10 Money Blogs for February 16, 2013

Here are my picks for the top 10 money blogs of the week, in no particular order:

  1. Free Money Finance announces his March Money Madness tournament brackets.  One of my posts is listed at #57, in game 29 I think. Be sure to vote for me!  🙂
  2. Bible Money Matters shares three simple steps to take charge of your financial life. Its all about starting new habits!
  3. Simple Life Habits wrote the 9 timeless laws of personal productivity. Sadly, I’ve ignored them all at one time or another.
  4. Brick by Brick Investing published U.S. student loans by the numbers, which gives me more ammunition in the fight for affordable university education.
  5. Money Beagle explains ways that consumers can affect gas prices.
  6. Modest Money shares five imaginative ways to make extra money. I think I’ve done them all.
  7. Free Money Wisdom talked about how to convert your passion into an income. I think I’ve done all of these too.
  8. iHeart Budgets shares a ton of great ways to make money at home.
  9. Free Money Finance shared his annual net worth review (he’s rockin’ it!) and an update on the organizations to which he donates the profits from his blog.
  10. Debt Free Adventure shared 5 signs you’re having a debt problem.

Thanks for reading Money Wise Pastor, and for sharing your comments on posts that interest you.  I really appreciate it.  What are you up to this weekend?

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