Free Budgeting E-book: Money For Life

I just finished reading the paperback version of Money For Life:  Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks! by Steven B. Smith.

This week I discovered that a free e-book version of Money For Life is now available.

Free budgeting e-book Money for LifeMoney for Life is an easy to understand budgeting book that shows you how you can become the master of your finances now and for a lifetime.

It will help you :

  • Get an accurate picture of where you are today, with regard to your finances
  • Clearly identify money goals for the future
  • Chart a realistic and attainable course to achieve those goals
The free Money for Life budgeting e-book is being given away by the folks at Mvelopes, an easy online budgeting system my wife and I have been using – and absolutely loving – for the last few months.
–>>Click here to get your free budgeting e-book Money for Life.
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