Please Be Patient While We Work Out a Few Bugs

Hi, welcome to Money Wise Pastor!  We experienced a few bugs in our code on Friday, April 27, which have caused our sidebar to not display properly and also caused some pages to look jumbled.  We hope to have this resolved soon. Thanks for your patience! Continue Reading ->

Tax Day 2012 Freebies & Special Offers

A record number of marketers are offering freebies and special deals on Tax Day, according to a story in USA Today. All kinds of companies are doing it, from fast food to office supplies to movie theaters to apparel and more. Continue Reading ->

Free Budgeting E-book: Money For Life

I just finished reading the paperback version of Money For Life:  Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks! by Steven B. Smith. This week I discovered that a free e-book version of Money For Life is now available. Continue Reading ->